Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hiiya! and assalamualaikum :)

Islam is a beautiful religion indeed in contrary to the beliefs of some westerners. I do get why Islamophobia is such huge thing in some parts of the world. what you see,is what you believe. i admit,if i wasnt a Muslim and living in the US or somewhere else with news covering on suicide bombings,beheading and such i would hate Islam myself.
Islamophobia is happening because Islam is highly regarded as a violent religion. there will always be news on Pakistan,Taliban,Afghanistan,Iran & Iraq. terrorism,suicide bombings..just to name a few.

i have in the past talked to several kafeers (non-Muslims). i particularly remember this convo about this guy who was telling me about how he hated Islam and that he had proofs on why Islam is a bad religion. I asked him what proofs he had and he explained a lot of things- all of them are lies. i asked where he got these "proofs" and he told me he had a copy of the Quran with him.

People have to remember that Islamophobia is on the rise now. what with people spreading lies and hatred slogans against the religion ever since 9/11. most kafeers will never forgive the Muslims for what happened (eventhough 9/11 was a LIE and i have proofs-but thats a different story) so theres gonna be a lot of things being said about Islam. they will never stop. fake Qurans made by the kafeers are abundant. access to these "Qurans" are easily made. please people,dont be so gullible to believe the lies. it makes me sick.

when a Muslim commits a crime,he is always considered a terrorist or is linked to Al-Qaeda. Religion is always mentioned. but when criminals of other religion commits a crime,religion is never mentioned. Women who wears the hijab is considered oppressed but when the Nuns or Jews wear head-coverings theyre considered as practising their faiths.

People should remember that,in every religion,there are always cults and worshippers who are deviated.

If youre happy with your religion,by all means go for it. im not trying to convert everyone reading this to Islam,im just trying to correct the misconceptions.
Im not brilliant in everything let alone in Islam. but i do know my own faith. i know i belong as a Muslim. im totally faithful and im kearning new things everday about Islam.
im glad i have friends who help me out with these things.


oh,heres something to reflect upon. it has great lyrics. i always feel bad after hearing this song. :'(