Sunday, December 4, 2011

University Life.

Hallooooo and behold ladies and gentlemen. this is the first post on my blog since i became a university student. ive been neglecting my blog. sorry,blog. ive been busy *hands on chest,eyes looking up* <-Google translate.

Im fully aware if i post this on facebook more people will see. so im trying my best to be more discreet about my life from now on. i said *try*

Ok, just a quick recap. started first Uni week in hell, which turned out prettay awesome. lessons started like crap. i didnt like the atmosphere and some people here and there. i also wondered why im in UM in the first place. i guess thats how life is when youre adjusting, no? but i ended up liking 98% of them now. some i still hate with a passion,but slowly eroding that feeling for religious purpose. lol.

Ive met awesome friends and reconnected with old friends who turns out to be my best friend. mentally, im slowly changing for the better. i think. im staying at a college which is located a kzbillion light years away from the main campus, but i still cherish every steps i take. *bless my thigh muscles for coping*. my bad days are slowly turnin into good ones because of beautiful friends and a beautiful uni. oh. my spendings are diabolical. BUT. im thankful. im blabbing too much.

Also im quite busy now especially this week. so no one invite me to any great events or else i'd feel tempted to go.