Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mohd Ismail Hairi. 1989 - 2010

Its 3.22pm and i still cant believe you passed away just this morning. For the last couple of days i was thinking of texting you and i wanted to do it today. Then i checked my phone & found out about this. Just last week,I was talking to Cikgu Fathi about you.

I will always remember:-
*the day i first spoke to you,outside my classroom. you had this innocent face (how wrong was i?) haa..
*when we used to text everyday
*when you elbowed me in the staff room,that was cute haha
*you as the only boy who still treated me like a friend even after breaking up
*when you were mad at me and you blew me off in front of your friends,i was so embarrassed
*i hated you for that,lol
*you went to my class to give me an Eid card eventhough you were still mad at me
*you told me you had a bad accident
*the day i called you when STPM results were out & you sounded so happy
*when you called me after SPM results came out & you were happy for me,awww. that was the only time you "showed" your happy emotions about me achieving something (cz usually you will always make fun of me)
*you gave me chocolates & theres still one more but xkan sampai-sampai selamanya da... :'(
*how Cikgu Fathi is always making jokes about us :-s err.. im pretty sure he's gonna ask me about you on Monday. :'((
*WHAT YOU ASK ME TO DO,inshaAllah i will make it,brother. i will never forget. never!

theres so many good & bad memories i shared with you. you were one of my bestest and understanding friend. and it truly breaks my heart to even type this.
i will always be praying for you.
may Allah place you with the people of strong faith.



azie5ouh!8 said...

salam takziah. RIP Mail.

Mercury69 said...

may he be placed with all the best Muslims.. :'(

Qa said...

innalillah..moga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 beriman..sabar ye iva..:)

Mercury69 said...

thx iqa..tengah cube bersabar ni... :'(