Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eva Gegirly Coelho

My dear sweetheart. This was the first ever photo of you that I took. I still remember the first day I held you in my arms. You were so tiny, hungry and frail - so afraid.

I remember the first day you stayed in. You were injured, so I put you in a little basket, I made you a bed and you slept next to me till morning.

You grew older and bigger. I watched you grew right in front of my eyes. As you grew, more additions came to the family. You grew to be beautiful - with eyes bluer than the bluest ocean; a fur coat that changes in time - from snow white to a mix of brown caramel; and (I kid you not) the most perfect high-pitched voice I've ever heard. And I'll miss all of that.

You grew closer to my dad and eventually you two became good friends, never trusting anyone but my dad. I know my dad cried when he found out. And I've never seen him cry before. My heart bleeds with him.

Alas, God called your spirit back home to be with the angels in the Heavens. I felt something before I left you the other day. I gave you a long good bye kiss and promised to you that I'll come back although I felt strange at that moment. I thank God however, I got to see you for one last time before I left.

You're forever engraved in my heart my sweet kitty. I held you first and I held you last. I've loved you with everything that I can. And I'm going to miss you so much, my sweetheart. Thanks for all the memories and good times you gave me. I love you, Eva.

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Aziri Pauzi said...

Tak apa kak.

Yang pernah saya terbaca, menatang nyawnyaw ni adelah sejenis menatang yang ada dalam syurga.

Yes.Its painful to loose our best buddies. Eventhough it kennot talk, its presence does make us feel happy. Same like you, im also a cat lover. And it feel like dying when they are not with us anymore. I've been thru the situation multiple times already. 3 times, I guess.

And the truth is, i love my cat more than my GF, I believe. Coz, I felt bit downhearted once we had our breakup,but I felt more sad when I lost my cat compare to her. Its the truth. Hehe~

Doakan yg terbaik utk Eva.

P/s- Got the Kami Pecinta Kucing page on FB. Recommend you to join the page. Just to ease the pain.

This is Mejah. Out.