Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting lost in KL. again.

Cantik di hari, mudah di hati (i know right? so lame)

Assalamualaikum all the awesome ladies and lame boys. Getting lost in KL may be fun at first but then... when you've experienced it.. Thankfully, Sarah was there to grace the day with her presence.

Here's how it went down. Our last class, Prose 1, ended at 3.30pm. Nadia, Tien Mie, Cherie, Sarah and myself decided we were going to celebrate TM's birthday by going out.

Anyway. We were supposed to go back by taxi after lunch but Sarah and I opted for a bus instead, since it's easier to go to KK9. After we bid them goodbye we went on bus number 99. Actually we weren't sure whether it was the right bus but we did ask the conductor whether it's the right bus; but he let us in anyway.

Then in the middle of nowhere (and what felt like 60 seconds later), we were told to get off the bus (like, seriously?). So there we were. Stuck somewhere like refugees, praying a
bus will come soon. Eventually there was a bus. Bus number 64. "Pasar Seni... Bangsar... PPUM... whaa? PPUM. ok. *hops on, paid RM1*

As more people were starting to get off, we got a bit nervous. After a while we realized we were at Petaling Street. Being the typical non-KL people we sat and pondered *where the hell*. And it was 5pm. So you can imagine the traffic.

Proof of empty bus :P

Then le bus driver had the nerve to halau us, once again, out of the bus!

Stuck at Pasar Seni

Sarah & I in search of help

Then after almost an hour and a half of sitting our bums in the buses, we finally hopped on an LRT. Thank God! :)

We felt like we're journalists in these pictures HAHA


Aziri Pauzi said...

kene bnyk stdy lagi ni.

kena kuasai peta ilmu train beserta ilmu Bas di KL.

Taxi is only for emergencies !

Just a fact,

I'm a Kelantanese. My ex was born and raised in Wangsamaju, heart of KL.

But, if about using public transport, Im really good at it. And she, S**** BAD !

Lama2 nanti biasa lah tu. Learn from mistake. tu tak try naik train dekat Jepun lagi tu. lagi HARU di buatnya. haha~

P/s- si Sarah maintain cute lepas kene halau. LEGENDARY !

Mercury69 said...

Mungkin dia taktau sebab dia hidup KL kot. salu guna kete family. maybe..

Yep. biasalah. orang baru belajar di KL memang akan sesat hehe

Tau xpe. Sarah memang sangat Cute :P