Friday, February 17, 2012


Recently I have been thinking a lot about what I have contributed so far in life. And thinking hard about it, I haven't had a clue. So out of the blue I decided to try and focus on the one thing that I enjoy most - singing. I love to sing. I really do. Well, no surprise there, I'm sure most people enjoy this activity too. lol. I sing everywhere, anywhere and any time. And I'm pretty certain that I drive people crazy with my little hobby.

Okay, back to the subject. So during the holidays, I took up a singing class. We do these vocal warm-ups and all those singing stuff. I like my teacher, he's super professional. As the class progressed, I've learned a LOT - things I've never known before. But I'm not saying that my voice is amazing. I think it's decent, not amazing. Sad, but true. Sigh...

And the more I went for these classes, the more that he demands of increasing my vocal range I get frustrated. My throat has a tendency to fall sick any time possible. After a while I'm like "I give up"... but if I give up then what else do I have to satisfy myself? I studied dancing when I was younger, now that I'm a hijabi, I have to throw that dream out of the window.

I will never settle if I haven't found that thing I possess that can satisfy my reason to live on Earth. We only live once anyway. What great big change have I done to mankind? Big words, I know. I'm restarting my blogging days once again. And yeah, get used to my cliché words and REALLY long post - if you feel like reading it that is.

Am I talentless or what? That would surely be disappointing.

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