Sunday, February 26, 2012

Young Visionaries Project Management.

Heyyyyy! I've been busy these past two days. doing what you may ask? well, here I am to tell you that. LOL lame. okay.

So I came across the Young Visionaries Project Management post on some random page. I couldn't be happier! The post was about a voluntary program under AIESEC to help out at kids' shelter homes. So of course I volunteered.

We went to Rumah Kasih on Saturday. It's a girls' home. I didn't have transport but Karine offered to send. I didn't know anyone from this project except for a few. But I was so happy because I've found new (awesome) friends! So 3 more Indonesian friends and 3 other (very!) sarcastic boys. :/ But they're super friendly!

Rumah Kasih :)

Oh, please. Rain looks "nice" in this.


The next day we went to Rumah Agathians, it's an all-boys shelter home, where I met new friends - again!

Rumah Agathians :)

I saw this and I flipped! Do you know how hard it is to find Doraemon comics nowadays!? Thank God I saw this. And... I might have took it...? :-/

Tinesh, such a cutie pie.

Yay! I'm so proud of myself for volunteering. *pat pat pat on the back*

I look forward to more volunteering projects.

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